Fillion Empire

Welcome to the Fillion Empire

  • General Links
  • Player History This is where we shall record our history, no matter whether it's from V1 or V2. This is for all to see, read, and learn from.
  • System_Prices. System by System productions/requirements listings.
  • Weapons. Everything you want or need to know
  • Asteroids. Information about asteroids, including Expanse asteroid list.
  • Known Galaxy. A map of the known Galaxy, with system by system information.
  • Black Market. List of what illegal goods have been sold/bought and where. NOTE! please add year too, so we know how recent the update on each planet is. (also attaching horizontal line after one planet is recomended —> easier to read)
  • Items list. A list of what each item is, and where to buy/sell.


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