As the attack script isn't yet functional, this is simply a spaceholder.

Detailed Explanation of Combat:

If you are attacked, your ship will automatically return fire (only if you have weapons, of course). All attacks are logged under "Attacks" in the main window.

"Attacks" screen


To attack, you must first "Scan" your desired target, which will show you a breakdown of all systems the ship has (to give you an idea of your chances to hit and be hit). In order to attack said ship, simply choose the option "Fire Weapons".

Fire Weapons

Here you will see a side-by-side comparison of your ship, and your victim.
Below, it lists your Turns, as well as your "Accuracy" against this particular target.
You will see the number of cannons you have, and can choose how many to fire at your opponent, each cannon fired will cost 1 turn, so choose appropriately.

Select a Shot allows you to choose how you will be firing upon your target, either:

  1. 1x Aimed Shot, from each cannon, with the "Accuracy" as listed above
  2. 5 Snap Shots, from each cannon, with "Accuracy" -5%
  3. 10x Barrage, from each cannon, with "Accuracy" -10%.

Upon clicking on "Fire" it will show you how much damage you have done to the enemy, as well as if any return fire has hit, and damage done to your own vessel. This is followed by another round of attacks until you are completely out of turns, or your target is destroyed (Please note that no ships will be destroyed until attack script is final, as announced by Torin)

Tactics 101

Welcome to the combat section. I am Cruacious, and I will be telling you about the basic tactics used in CS. This is only the basics, and they may have changed a bit since I last played, so bear with me.

Ok, so say you have a corvette. It has two cannons built-in as a default. If it is anything like the old gunship-class in version one, it will be able to mount, in an upgraded version, 4 cannons. Now, the only way to use them back then was to fly up to someone and attack them. Basically, sending your ship into the same exact grid of space they were in and unleashing everything you had on them. Bigger ships didn't always win, however, since sometimes swarms launched very successful attacks on lone capital ships and even pairs of capital ships in the past.

I believe the tactic we should use in bash and pass. It's a classic strategy derived from a famous attack on a CM (command ship) that I participated in during the Casian Republic's Demise in V1. Basically, you send your heaviest class of warship in first to drop the shields of the target and lower their defensive firepower (when you attack someone or are attacked, the guns fire automatically in defense but with reduced accuracy). Then the smaller classes fly in and deal either with the smaller secondary targets or finish of anything left-over from the first attack. A standard attack can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (if they're slow and you're lucky). The second advantage to having all those craft fly in and out is that it floods the ion particle trails and if everyone runs for it and then regroups and spilts just once in smaller groups, the odds of them tracking any single one of you go exponentially down.

For straight-up battles though, just send in the biggest capital ships you have and just have fun running and gunning. Just remember to install good shields ;)

Cloaking: Whether hiding from your enemies or trying to pass without notice into an area, or maybe just to set-up an ambush, cloaking is the way to go. The main downside of cloaking is that you won't have any shields in combat so your ship will be pretty much open to armor and hull attacks. But the upsides can sometimes far outweigh the risks.

For example, say you need to stop by a certain planet to check out who is there without anyone knowing. Use a cloaked ship. Or say you want to ambush this guy who is online but doesn't expect attack, but would run if he saw you? Use a cloaked ship. But when attacking with cloaked ships, you need numbers. Even then, the return fire could destroy the lead-off vessels. So be careful when using cloak to attack a target.

On a sidenote, only cruiser-class or lower ships can equip a cloak.


In order to track a ship, you have to know at least 1 location it has recently been.
Scanning Ion Trails will be your primary tool, displaying a list of ships having left the Grid in question, their destination, as well as the time and the Output power of their trail…

Time of Departure Power Signature Desination
9502.89 CE - (898.896803025) Casian System - Sector 256 (Vega) - Vega
9502.54 CE - (1086.842071216) Altian System - Sector 116 (Aruk) - Aruk

Judging by the power signatures, I would guess that these are both small ships, and the fact that their destinations are planets, tells me they are Freighters or similar.. Current miners have output of roughly 2500, and Battleships will likely be quite high as well… For a complete list of ship signatures, see below:

Ship Signatures, by output

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