I was born into a poor merchant vessel. Struggling to make ends meat at first, I stayed independent until hired by the government of Zohar after getting lucky and striking it rich. As you may know, Zohar used to have a powerful government until Zaltais came into power and destroyed it for resisting his rise. He did so again when they challenged him about it again, and this time he didnt leave anything behind.

Between that time I was trained by a ranking member of the government, a boy named Griallia. At the time he was 11 of our years, but 1000 game years. With his help, I purchased my first heavy freighter and with 100 million in invested capitol, I turned it into a billion in no time. With it, after Zohar fell, I purchased my first warship, a corsair. I spent many years equiping it and using its hold for illegal runs to make money and fund a small mercenary core that saw no action and was robbed by a jerk. We got him back for it, but he still managed to get two others before everyone caught on.

After that, I went and lived a lonely life over in the Casian Galaxy, which was very orderly but very small, and had only a moderate military. The police there, however, were friendly and well-trained. But the average man there had barely enough money to pay his bills and most freighters were living shipment to shipment. Me being in a corsair, this was mostly true. But, then Zaltais hired me for a special mission. I was to infiltrate and gather intel on the Raxian galaxy. I sold my corsair, bought a heavily modded gunboat, and flew over to the Raxian galaxy through the small new wormhole that had opened recently.

I sent only a partial report at first after having infiltrated Bics government, which was the most influential until he left and it collapsed, and gave them a brief plan. Afterwards, I ceased communication. Bic treated me like an equal and I earned his trust, as he earned mine. And I swore an oath or service to him as long as he should fly. And for many years I flew arround, first in another heavy freighter, and then later on my own in a corsair my money bought. In that corsair I lived for 2000 years, even fighting in a few major battles (I only ever killed a freighter and destroyer, but I usually spammed my ion trail over the galaxy). I equiped it with a cloak, maxed it with 9 guass and 3 ion, extra hold, mining drill, and trail generator. And the best armor available.

But when he left, my heart was broken. About that time, the Casians were invaded by SIR, the military lapdogs of Zaltais. They shattered the Casians easily, but were confronted daily by the ERA and SWARM, Zalts eternal enemies. The ERA was a hit-and-run kind of faction, but they werent very good or lucky at it. the SWARM, however, was MUCH better. You see, after the Casians lost I tried to buy a planet for them in Solia cheap so they could rebuild in my government and gain a voice. But Zalts lieutenants stopped me and killed my ship. I lost all my money from those many thousands of years of work. They killed me 3 times over before I hid successfully and a deal was struck.

I sneak into the SWARM and learn about them. I inform Zalts men, and in return they clear my name and give me a new ship. Pretty much a pat on the head and while I asked for a good battleship I was expecting at best a paid in full heavy freighter Id have to equip myself. Now, the SWARM was 24 gunships and numerous support vessels launching guerrilla raids on SIR and BRA (Zalts faction), as well as anyone who supported them. They had a lot of outside funding (prbly from sympathizers or the scared Raxian and Altian galaxies who though Zalt would target them next) and were the most effective strike force in history. Even if they got 1 or even 4 members, the others would hunt and kill the hunters and the fallen members would be back in the same spec ships within the week. The did far more damage than they took. And after that, I got fed up and retired for awhile. Until now.

I joined V2 after failing in RL in the Navy, and I started slowly. I took me a few days, then I got the hang of it. Then Shaggy offered me a position in his faction, and I accepted. Within a week, with his help, I was making 6 million daily shipping nutrient packs, medicines, and H20 packs between the Raxian and Basian systems. Shaggy then decided to reward me by giving me a Freighter, which I paid off quickly and started making between 30 to a 100 million a day, donating a large sum of that to the faction.

After some time trading, an opportunity arrose to purchase a CS. I asked Shaggy about it, and a week later after deliberations he said no since he knew Torin was removing them soon since they were broken. But, by accident, I had been transfered it by Dark Sidious, the original owner, and Torin, the only one who could transfer them, refused to send it back. In a gesture of goodwill, I sent him my freighter, which I never got back. But not knowing whether or not he's get it back, me and Shaggy devised a clever behind-the-back move. We gathered as many points and resources as we could together as quickly as we could, with me as the CS pilot, and with a day to spare, built ourselves our first outpost, a shipyard that was named "The Flare", by myself.

With this great success came the first generation of warships designed by myself and edited by Shaggy. The design was called "The Patriot", in honor of a ship I had flown before that was very powerful. Shaggy later revised it to the "Patriot X" design which is still in use today. I gave Shaggy the yard shortly thereafter and started trading and manufacturing with my CS. I eventually got to making the faction a couple of hundred guns for shipbuilding in one run, and also making 300 million on the side selling luxury goods to other systems. But 3 days after that the CS disappeared and I got stuck ni a glitch for a day until Torin freed me, which I owe him one for.

I went back to my old, cramped basic trader and did luxury runs and manufacturing again, albiet for a smaller profit. Then Shaggy helped me out again by giving me a mini-miner he had designed and I used it for a few weeks, getting 300 million in zirconium sales and helping the faction collect some other metals. I returned it later when he offered me the armed merchant "Bordok". I've been flying it ever since.

And to this day I design ships for the Fillion Empire, including the hopefully famous Kestral Cruiser design, the Missouri Battleship, and the Victorious Dreadnought.

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