General Empire History

It all began in 8703CE, Shaggy and W1kk1d had just learned that their faction, the Knights of the Round Table Order, were to merge with another faction. The brothers decided that they would rather start their own empire, and attempt to make it work. Shaggy founded the Fillion Empire at 8703.88 CE, using up most of his accumulated points to announce the moment and become officially recognized. Shaggy and W1kk1d contacted select members from their previous faction to indicate their intent, and were followed by Arachnid, making the total 3.

3 "Relatively" new players, on their own, learning the intricate nature of the galaxy, attempting to forge their destiny, with nothing more than a few credits and some ideas. As the years rolled past, they found themselves growing slowly but steadily, the first ship purchased: a Tradiac Mini, still in use by Captain Arachnid, followed shortly by a MR1000, being used by W1kk1d. Many other members began to show their potential: Cruacious, Ruffy, Silverton, Torso661, Teh Az, and were soon promoted through the ranks. This small but learning faction soon managed to build a Ship Yard, The Flare, shortly before Christmas, only hours before the deadline for outpost building with the Construction Ships that had been leased out and acquired rather interestingly.

The Fillion Empire was eventually joined by their mother, Stormyfc, and the group began amassing large quantities of materials to ensure the smooth operation of their shipyard. Many people began to take note of the Fillion Empire and some even were tempted to join in this quest for success (enter Smaug and company, as well as others).

We continue to build out empire, focusing our efforts upon the Tyrian system, where Captain Shaggy is now ruler of the planet Saren, and The Flare has earned some recognition for their range of ship designs.

If anyone has some clarifications, or modifications to make, please feel free.. I just summarized what I felt was most of the significant moments in the Fillion Empire devellopment.

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