Mining Basics

Mining is an important part of the CS galaxy, as it is the source of all minerals that will eventually compose the ships we captain, the Star Bases we trade at, the refineries we purify our ores at, and even the shipyards.


The most important part of mining, is the materials to mine, Ores. These ores can be found as Asteroids throughout the Systems.

Asteroids are normally composed of multiple layers, the outermost layer often being Iridium, remaining layers can be anything from Gold, to Quadrium, to Zirconium. Asteroids occur within every system, large and small. If a system is known to have one type of asteroid, it is very likely that it has others of the same type, and will continue to have this type of ore available.

Finding Asteroids

In order to see an asteroid, your ship must be in the same sector. To find them, do a manual search, ask around or scan for ion trails (See below for details).

Manual searching is done by travelling to each sector and looking on your display for an asteroid, if you find one(it looks like a rock in the grid), note the location on our faction board and/or in the wiki, then you have the option of scanning it to identify its layers, mining it, or continuing your search. if there is no asteroid in your current sector, move to the next one and look again.

Asking around requires just that, asking around. You can check the Faction or Galactic Comms, the forums, this wiki, or any other means of communication you may have with other captains.

Scanning for ion trails is the easiest way to independently look for asteroids. You must travel to a starbase or other grid location (Planet, Refinery, Manufactory), select [SCAN ION TRAILS], and travel to an appropriate location.

Understanding Ion Trails

Ion trails are signatures left by ships when they travel. When you move your ship the "exhaust"(for lack of a better word) leaves a trail. this trail can be detected by your scanners.

When you select [SCAN ION TRAILS] you are given a list like this:
8798.72 CE - (1192.406664491) Genian System - Sector 116 (Volan) - Volan
8798.41 CE Tilt-a-whirl (1190.446612255) Omnian System - Sector 217 (Zohar) - Grid 253
8798.32 CE Tilt-a-whirl (1190.446612255) Genian System - Sector 116 (Volan) - Volan
8797.94 CE - (990.163771352) Omnian System - Sector 74 (Prolix) - Grid 148
8797.92 CE - (990.163771352) Genian System - Sector 234 (Aeger) - Aeger
8797.89 CE - (990.163771352) Genian System - Sector 297 (Rumino) - Rumino
8797.82 CE - (1198.689249102) Casian System - Sector 131 (Zaran) - Grid 25
8780.06 CE - (2747.482309695) Genian System - Sector 386 - Grid 366

The important info here for finding asteroids is the last bit of each line, this tells you where ships moving to/from this grid have gone/been. we don't know if these ships were coming or going, but we do know that they have been at the grid indicated. using this information, we know that planets are not asteroids, so we can ignore these. Grids 148, 153, 248 and 253 are generally Refineries, Manufactories and Starbases so we can also logically eliminate many of those from our search. Entries of interest are those that go to unlabelled sectors or unusual numbered grids. Simply chose one and travel to it, if there is an asteroid there, then you've hit the jackpot, if not, try again.


Mining ships travel to the Asteroid site, and can begin mining operations. This is the simple part, simply click “Mine” and choose how much ore you'd like to mine into your cargo. Once you have the ores in your cargo, you can transport it to a Refinery, Starbase, or transfer it to another ship.

Eventually, we will attempt to coordinate mining efforts to have freighters at asteroids to transport the ores to the refineries and Starbases. For the time being, check the Faction Comms, if no one is available, proceed with your mining and transporting of ores.


To refine your ores, visit the appropriate Refinery, and while in Sector view, click on the name of the refinery, then simply choose how much you'd like to refine. This will cost $100/isaton of unrefined mineral. Most ores produce 1/10th of their volume in refined product, Iridium and Tetrium currently provide higher volume output.

Starbase Storage

To store your goods, visit a Starbase, click on the name of the Starbase, scroll down to just below the list of goods being bought/sold, and click on 'Store'. This costs roughly $1/isaton/day (meaning $10/day for unrefined ores), and can be stored until you decide to sell or move it, accruing storage costs.

The following is a list of minerals that can be mined

  • Iridium Ore
  • Fullerite Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Quadrium Ore
  • Tetrium Ore
  • Zirconium Ore
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