Polymer is used in manufacturing, as well as being sold directly to some planets.

Adarian System - Antar (last seen $1500)
Jexian System - Ezra (last seen $25)
Lyrian System - Remus (last seen $1700)
Omnian System - Qualis (last seen $3000)
Raxian System - Aeten (last seen $4)
Solian System - Aquila (last seen $300)
Volian System - Arium (last seen $2500)

Adarian System - Ceti
Altian System - Ares, Aruk, Jakar
Basian System - Cerea
Casian System - Satus, Tapek, Vega
Desian System - Ferox, Inibi
Farian System - Ramura
Jexian System - Capek, Gratia
Lyrian System - Sigma
Raxian System - Soror, Tanis, Zeta
Solian System - Mirnok, Primus
Tyrian System - Durrok, Fariss
Volian System - Adari, Takar, Uran
Zarian System - Beslan, Cetus, Lutra, Teag

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