New Ships

Below is a list of known shipyards, as well as respective designs from each. Obviously we won't be able to get specifics for custom ships, but if we can, I'd like to see them added here as well, in case we ever face one in battle..

Avalon Workshops - Casian System - Sector 256 (Vega) - Grid 169
T A Productions - Casian System - Sector 256(Vega) - Grid 64
ERA Corp Yards - Nespian System
North West Empire
Starfleet Alliance - Closed to outside factions.
The Flare - Our own Shipyard, contact Shaggy for details on ships

Admin Owned Shipyards - Discontinued.
Starter Ships - Can only be changed by restarting.

Unknown Designer -Unknown Who designed the ship, info retrieved by scan.

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