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This shipyard is operated by Tigger of the Technomage Alliance. We have purchased 2 Mining ships so far.


TA Excavator I
$200,000,000 Points: 7750
Class: Miner
Hull: 400mm
Reactor: 0.2800-IW Reactor
Engine: Mark I Ion Engine
Jump Drive: I Jump Drive
Navigation: K2 Nav System
Scanner: 0.2 Scanner
Targetting: Targetting Sys I
Shield Gen: 0.0286-IW Shield Gen
Primary Weapon: 0.1 Disruptor Cannon x6
Secondary Weapon: No Secondary Weapon
Mining Bay: 3,000 Mining Bay
Armor: Q.1 Armor
Extra Officers Quarters 50
Extra Crew Quarters 150
Cargo Hold 21600
Total Stats Command Quarters
Points: 6741 Light Speed: 84 Captain: 1
Isatons: 39900 Hyper Jump: 102 Officers: 26
Output: 2628 Damage: 1640 Crew: 256

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