Welcome to the Trading Databank: this is where the sum of Fillion Empire knowledge of trading will be stored.

Trading Basics

This section holds information on how trading works and how to make money in a system that many other players whine about not being able to make a profit in.

Trading DOs:

  • Always try to time your trading routes for around x:15 past the hour. This is when the planet requirements/production are released. If you know a planet sells very low, or buys very high, being there at 15 minutes past the hour will maximize your profits.
  • Always buy H2O packs as your number 1 priority when doing normal trade runs.
    • If no \\cheap\\ H2O is available in the system buy nutrition packs
  • Whenever possible, always leave the system with saleable cargo.
  • Always jump to arid planets first, as these are usually the best buyers (they show up orange-ish on the map).
  • Always check the black market at all planets you visit.
    • If anything is being bought at that planet please report the information to Black Market lists.
  • Always, always, always jump one system at a time, or at least in a straight line, you save massive amounts of turns this way. Even if this means going through expanses.
  • Watch what the Starbases are selling, you can make a huge profit buying manufactured items like commercial or housing units and selling them in the next system.


  • When unsure whether to buy an item, or whether you will be able to make profits from its sale, click on the name of the product to view Galaxy-wide prices, by system, from previous days.

Trading DON'Ts:

  • Never buy items from starbases unless you're 100% sure it's a good deal, players often post items, especially manufactured items for sale at massive sums in order to fool people out of their money.
  • Avoid spending more than 200 turns one way, unless you're 100% certain of exceptional profits

Special cases may apply, ask a more experienced member if you're unsure.

Most Profitable Locations:

This section will quite possibly be rendered obsolete by new updates.

Tyrian System: Recent Price List

Sells Saren Liquor, large profits when sold in other systems. And usually in demand. Very high buying prices for Nutrition Packs and H2O in this system.

Solian System: Recent Price List

Sells Exillis Spice (illegal), this is very high profits item to trade. Can be hard to find a buyer due to black market items not showing up in the prices window.

Casian System: Recent Price List

Contains lots of arid planets. Arid planets often are demanding many different items, therefore Casian System is one of the best systems to trade in (it is centrally located as well).

Adarian System: Recent Price List

Often selling high demand items (H2O packs, Nutrition packs, etc.) at low prices.

Jexian System: Recent Price List

Cheap H2O in the galaxy, very cheap Nutrition packs as well. Also home to Jahib Tobacco which is in demand everywhere and will turn a high profit.

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