Voting increases your points, you will find it listed at the bottom of the screen.

When you have voted, refreshing your voting screen will give you a message displayed as example below

Vote again in 23 hours & 59 minutes

You will not be able to vote for another 24 hours. Not all sites accept votes in the same manner.

You will recieve your points within 10 seconds of entering the voting page. Please complete the vote as it is on an honour system which only works when we are honourable.

Voting is done as follows.

You receive 15 points for voting at
When you click on you are asked to click on "Enter to Vote" This site is simple, that sets your vote.

You receive 10 points for voting at this site is a little trickier to vote at. Look down the list until you find Chosen Space. You will see two numbers followed by a small graph chart and an up arrow. Click on the small graph chart, it will take you to another page, scroll down till you see "Rate And Review This Site" . You will get another screen with a list of numbers from 5-1 with 5 being the best and 1 the worst. Click on one of the numbers, write a small revue if you so wish then submit rating, this will cast your vote. just click on "Vote for Chosen Space" just click on "Vote for Chosen Space" will ask you "Vote For Chosen Space?" NO YES
It goes without saying, select "YES" (be careful, this site puts you in a voting loop and only one vote counts for points) let the page load fully, and your vote is accepted. Click on "Rate Site" shown on the first line. Click on down arrow on "Please select a rating" with 10 being the highest rating. Additional information is optional. Click on "Submit" It is important here not to forget to type in the Key code
where it says "Enter above Key" Then click **"Vote for Chosen Space" Enter the scrambled letters into the text box then click on "Cast vote for Chosen Space" Enter the code then click on "Vote for Chosen Space" Just click on "Vote for Chosen Space" when the screen loads, scroll down a little then click on "Vote for Chosen Space" again.

You receive 5 points for voting at:

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