Welcome to the weapons segment. In this guide you will find out first what weapons there are, what each weapon does, and then finally what you need to manufacture each weapon.
NOTE: The faction is paying any miner fair price for any of the parts we need to create any weapons. Contact Cruacious, W1kk1d, or Shaggy to arrange such deals.

Weapon Types and Class:

Ion Cannons:
0.1 Ion Cannon
0.3 Ion Cannon
0.9 Ion Cannon

Disruptor Cannons:
0.1 Disruptor Cannon
0.3 Disruptor Cannon
0.9 Disruptor Cannon

Plasma Cannons:
0.1 Plasma Cannon
0.3 Plasma Cannon
0.9 Plasma Cannon

Weapon Stats:
Not Available at this time

Weapon Manufacturing Requirements
Weapon Damage Section
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